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About Us

We do our best to make your Summer simple and convenient by packing a year's worth of school supplies into a box, and delivering it to your doorstep!

Our Experience

We have learned a lot about making your back to school shopping easier. We strive to provide the best shopping experience we can!

Excellent Service

The customer is always right! We will do anything to satisfy you, providing you with excellent supplies, on time. We focus on providing convenience, and we value the your happiness more than anything else!

Unique Design

We offer boxes for all parents and students. We offer a box with all school supplies a student would need from notebooks to pencils to binders and much more. We prepare a quality hand packaged box for each student. To see what comes in the box, click here!

New This Year!

For the 2019 school year, we are now shipping anywhere in the United States! Shipping to your house will cost $10.

How It Works

Find out how we make your back to school season more convenient!

Our Product

We make your Summer more convenient by bringing your student's school supplies to you in a neatly packaged box.

How To Order

Choose the box for your students grade level under 'Pricing,' and make a secure payment through PayPal! Click here to order!

Get It Delivered

Because of the weight and size of the box, we charge a $10 delivery fee. Have it shipped to your home, anywhere in the United States within!


Select the box for your grade level!

K - 5th Grade


+ shipping

Middle School


+ shipping

High School


+ shipping

Ready To Order Your Box?

Choose your grade and have your box delivered straight to your door! All In 1 Supplies guarantees that all boxes ordered before July 31st will arrive before school starts!

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Having issues? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours! We provide excellent customer service, and hope to clear up any concerns!